Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guides the group’s strategy in France and accompanies its international development.

Corporate social responsibility relies on one of the key values of the company, the human being, to forge close relationships with all stakeholders. It is through listening that the Group carries out its public health work by striving to preserve biodiversity, develop the circular economy, and fight climate change.

For Séché Environnement, 2019 was a year of significant achievements at the strategic level, as well as in operational, financial, and non-financial results.

Indeed, the Group’s internationalization strategy has accelerated considerably. It strengthened its position in Latin America. It also entered Southern Africa and Italy. With this international growth, Séché Environnement is expanding its field of action by positioning itself on sustainable growth platforms.

International development is an opportunity to share values, knowledge, and experience among the Group’s subsidiaries, integrating the expectations of both internal and external players. In addition, alliances have been forged with the associative and scientific fabric, enabling action to be taken in different places in favor of biodiversity and the standard of living of local populations. It is also worth noting that Séché Environnement is also committed to the French initiative of companies committed to nature “Act4nature”.

In order to reconcile finance and sustainable development, the Group is pursuing, for the second consecutive year, the objectives set in the context of an “impact credit”. This method of financing is an important indicator of the Group’s involvement in its CSR strategy, as it is linked to the monitoring of three criteria: environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, energy self-sufficiency, and commitments to biodiversity.

In this particular context, we appreciate the solidarity, commitment, and responsibility of the teams capable of maintaining our key activities. Thank you for your involvement and your professionalism.

Maxime Séché Managing Director



Ethical code

In 2003, Séché Environnement has joined the Global Compact. This is a voluntary commitment organized by the United Nations, under which businesses, associations and NGOs are invited to comply with ten universally accepted principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

From these guiding principles have derived our own business ethics commitments, expressed in the Group’s Sustainable Development Charter, in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Policies for each site, and in a Code of Behavior and Actions which applies to all employees individually.

The rules contained in this Charter, these Policies and this Code are not substitutes for national and international legislation, which the Group must of course always strictly obey. Neither do these commitments have any contractual force; nevertheless, they must be known by, and applied by, all Group’s employees. It is incumbent on every employee to implement them, especially those who hold managerial responsibilities.

It is not a question of trying to foresee every eventuality, or to write rules for every case. However, clear and precise principles, applied with good sense and a responsible attitude, form a useful frame of reference for us all in the Group.

Joël Séché

President and CEO