A word from the chief executive officer

Séché Environnement, a long-standing player in waste management, continues to grow in the fields of the circular economy and decarbonisation. Through its activities serving the environment, the Group participates in the preservation of natural resources, the climate and biodiversity, while creating value for its private and public clients.

The waste management sector is central to the transition to a circular economy. In addition to the historical need to treat waste in order to control its hazardous nature and reduce pollution, it also needs to be repurposed, i.e. turned into a resource in the form of “material” or “energy”.

The circular economy solutions developed by Séché Environnement complete these long-standing activities. Implementing local energy recovery centers (steam, electricity, hot water) reduces the carbon footprint of industrial, tertiary and residential consumption. Recycling and regeneration make it possible to replace virgin raw materials that have a high environmental impact with recycled and regenerated materials.

Decontamination and rehabilitation activities also reduce the impact of historical pollution and help to preserve biodiversity.

Faced with an increasingly dynamic environment, Séché Environnement is continuing its internal and external growth. The All’Chem teams joined us in 2022. This Montluçon-based company specializes in the manufacturing of fine chemical products for the pharmaceutical, chemical and veterinary industries. In the summer of 2022, Séché Environnement also acquired Assainissement 34, a regional player specialized in sanitation and property hygiene and network maintenance, and STEI, a company specializing in water treatment.

In the countries where we operate, Séché Environnement strictly monitors the health and safety of all its employees. Zero accidents remain our guiding principle and the safety policy is central to the Group’s operational excellence. Human values – namely trust, teamwork and quality – are what enable us to mee the challenges of 2022.

Our positioning in the strategic businesses of the circular economy enables us to look to the future with confidence and commitment.

Maxime Séché
Chief Executive Officer




Séché Environnement, a family business with a long history of waste management, is a key player in the circular economy and environmental services, both in France and internationally. Thanks to our cutting-edge know-how and our complementary technologies, we support all stakeholders in their transition to a carbon-free economy.

Our Group made a commitment in 2003 to participate in the UN Global Compact program, thus committing itself to respect 10 fundamental principles aimed at contributing to build a more sustainable society. These principles, together with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), form the foundation of our environmental, ethical, compliance, sustainable business model and social responsibility commitments.

The objective of this document is to present the broad outlines of our approach to sustainable development. It also includes an individual code of conduct providing rules of conduct. These rules, combined with everyone’s sense of responsibility, serve as a reference for the entire Group.

Wherever we are present, these guidelines are intended to be deployed across all sites and our value chain (including customers and suppliers). Beyond the stated commitments, it is imperative that our activities are carried out in accordance with national and international laws with which we are strictly required to comply.

It is essential to remember that our culture of ethics and compliance results from the commitment of all our employees. It is a precious heritage that we must constantly nurture and cultivate to ensure the


Joël Séché



Maxime Séché