Trédi Argentina presents its solutions for the Integrated Management of PCBs at the “Workshop on PCBs Management in the field of the PCB / UNDP / GEF project” Brasilia, Brazil

The main objective of the Workshop was the exchange of information on PCB management through a life cycle management approach, from inventories to environmental management (MEDE) of PCBs, in accordance with The Stockholm Convention on Persistent organic pollutants. The event was structured in three main themes:

(1) Projects aimed at environmentally sound management PCBs: presentation of the project with headquarters in Latin America and the Caribbean;

(2) Experiences of environmentally sound management in developed countries: information exchange on planning, distribution of activities (functions and responsibilities) among government levels (from central to local level), cost sharing and lessons learned;

(3) Presentation of different technologies for the treatment of PCBs in order to provide subsidies for decision-making on the best techniques and best practices available for the environmentally appropriate management of these pollutants.

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