Séché Environnement member of the Act4Nature International alliance for the preservation of biodiversity


Act4Nature International is an initiative that aims to mobilize leaders from all economic sectors to treat biodiversity as an issue that is equally important as climate change. Séché Environnement is proud to be one of the first eleven French companies to join the alliance, confirming its support for the initiative.

The Act4Nature International steering committee is composed of representatives from the scientific field, environmental NGOs, and the business world. The committee supervises that the different voluntary commitments of the companies respond to the SMART methodology (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realizable, defined in time).

Following the ten principles of Act4Nature International, Séché Environnement defined four strategic objectives that for the first time extend to the international level.  These strategic lines promote biodiversity preservation actions in 16 plants in France and two abroad (Spain and Peru).

The four strategic objectives of the Séché Group are

1) Situate our biodiversity actions in a space-time continuum improvement.

2) Make biodiversity a cause that will bring people together within the group.

3) Use biodiversity as a lever to inspire stakeholders.

4) Develop awareness of the impact of our lifestyle on global biodiversity.

In order to comply with our commitments, the Group counts with the Sustainable Development Department that coordinates a specific team of four ecologists and 18 biodiversity referents. These teams aim to avoid, reduce, and, where necessary, compensate the impact of our activities on biodiversity.

Maxime Séché, director of Séché Environnement, summarizes the main motivation of the Mayenne family group:

“Beyond the absolute need to deepen knowledge in order to take effective action and slow down the reduction of biodiversity, I consider the training of our employees and, more generally, public awareness of the impact of our way of life on ecosystems to be of great importance, in order to avoid the emergence of new zoonoses”.

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