Health and Safety Protocols for the prevention of COVID-19


In the context of the pandemic that affects the world in the last year, safety and hygiene protocols have been reinforced in Trédi Argentina. Considering the welfare of our employees, several measures are being taken to avoid any possible spread of the COVID-19 virus. On March 12, the national government issued the Decree of Need and Urgency (Decree 297/2020) which expands the Health Emergency and provides for the adoption of new measures to contain the spread of the virus. For this reason, Trédi Argentina adopted urgent actions to take care of the health of each person involved in the management of complex waste.

As for the general measures taken, the use of personal protection equipment such as masks, N95 filters, and acrylic face protection.  Also social distancing and hand washing are highlighted. Each member of the group has their personal protection kit that includes alcohol in gel for hands and 70% ethyl alcohol solution for disinfecting objects that are handled.

During the tasks of emptying, collecting, and conditioning polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) waste, workers use Tychem suits, nitrile gloves, and a double-filter face mask. Once the work is completed, the suits are placed in unique bags for their correct final disposition and the protective elements are treated with a 70% alcohol solution. Disinfection also includes helmets, safety shoes, and any object handled during assigned tasks.

Regarding the transport of employees, vehicles must be disinfected with a sanitizing solution before and after work. They must not transport more than two people (driver and one passenger), separated from each other, and with obligatory masks. In the case of transport of materials, the disinfection of trunks is required. These measures are accompanied by recommendations when they return home, to continue protecting their personal health and that of their families.

At Trédi Argentina, the measures taken will contribute to the development of activities in a safe manner following the protocols established by the Séché Group and following the guidelines requested by the state.  Trédi continues to carry out its activities in the country in a safe manner, minimizing the possibility of contagion and exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

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