The Trédi Argentina-Compasa Consortium exports 101 tons of PCB waste from the National Electricity Administration (ANDE) – San Lorenzo- Republic of Paraguay

On January 3, and complying with its Environmental Liability Mitigation Plan, a process of transfer of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) contaminated waste for its subsequent export and disposal, was carried out at the Laurelty Complex in San Lorenzo.

The work was carried out under the contract corresponding to the International Public Bidding ANDE-IDB N ° 1310/2017 “Waste disposal service contaminated with PCBs”.

The waste to be exported consisted of remains of reactors, disused transformers, dielectric oils, liquids, capacitors and others, contaminated with PCBs, which total 101,134 tons.

The activity carried out on the San Lorenzo Substation site was attended by the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES), Ariel Oviedo, who highlighted the excellent work done by the institution for the final disposal of this waste, and all procedures were accompanied by the Ministry of Environment and verified jointly with ANDE.

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