Trédi Argentina carries out the second campaign of dechlorination of oils with PCB content in the facilities of Ocade SAS, Colombia


In the context of the Pilot Project of the year 2016-2017, sponsored by the Ministry of Environment of Colombia, Trédi Argentina and Ocade SAS decided to give continuity to their collaborative project. The project, considered a success, had as purpose the treatment of dechlorination of dielectric oils contaminated with PCB.

Ocade obtained the Environmental License Resolution N° 4532 of 12/29-2017, issued by the Corporación Autónoma Regional de Cundinamarca (CAR), the environmental authority of that jurisdiction.

During the past months of August to December 2019, the treatment of more than 50 tons of oils and transformers with PCB contaminated contents was carried out.

The second collaborative project obtained a successful result. It is important to remember that Colombia is part of the group of 181 countries that have signed the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. The convention establishes a commitment by the participants to ban the use of PCBs by 2025 and to their total elimination by 2018.

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